The 5 best 4x4s (authentic)

Jeep wrangler The Jeep Wrangler is the only one that keeps both axles rigid and has survived almost as it was originally conceived 70 years ago. Over time its equipment has been improved and, although its design remains spartan, it is an expensive car. Its long-travel suspensions, high-profile tires and the all-wheel-drive system with transfer … Read more

The 5 most expensive cars in the world

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta – € 3.4 million The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta was the shape the Italian firm chose to commemorate its 70th anniversary last year. It is the convertible version of the Ferrari LaFerrari, so it shares its hybrid propulsion system with 963 HP of power, with the only difference being equipping a retractable targa-type … Read more

Classic cars with the surname Turbo

Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione It is no coincidence that this model has the appearance of a racing car, since the FIA required Alfa Romeo to manufacture 500 units, with aerodynamics identical to that of the 75 that would compete in Group A rally, in order to be homologated. Under the hood, was the traditional … Read more

These are the 11 fastest cars in the world (ordered from lowest to highest speed)

2019 Bentley Continental GT: 333 km / h Bentley has endowed this elegant coupe with a muscle to be reckoned with. After two generations of smooth and often understated mega-luxury coupes, the third-generation Continental GT ups the ante with its new W-12 TSI engine, an upgraded variant of the 6.0-liter originally designed for the Bentayga, … Read more

Best buys 2020: The 5 most sensible cars

Chevrolet onix Chevrolet’s new subcompact sedan positioned itself very quickly in its segment, so that with just weeks on sale it is already one of the best-sellers in our country. It is a car that has very valuable arguments and starts below 250,000 pesos, so with a budget of 300 thousand it is already enough … Read more