The 5 best 4x4s (authentic)

Jeep wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is the only one that keeps both axles rigid and has survived almost as it was originally conceived 70 years ago. Over time its equipment has been improved and, although its design remains spartan, it is an expensive car. Its long-travel suspensions, high-profile tires and the all-wheel-drive system with transfer case and reduction make it maintain its authentic 4 × 4 characteristics. Like any good specialist, his virtues in the field take their toll on the road, where neither his stability, nor his comfort nor his consumption are at the height of his rivals.

Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 is a pick up, but it offers a good level of comfort inside and, thanks to the possibility of caging its cargo space, we will be able to leave packages in the trunk safely. Its powerful and robust engines, its chassis by stringers, its good suspensions and the experience of Mitsubishi in the world of the 4 × 4 are all a guarantee of success off the asphalt. On the road it defends itself better than its rustic appearance may make us think.

Mitsubishi montero

Along with the Wrangler and the Land Cruiser, the Mitsubishi Montero is the only “bodied” all-rounder that can truly be considered a true 4 × 4. Thanks to its independent suspensions, it is the one that offers the best road performance and comfort to its passengers. Also its self-supporting body is a guarantee of safety in the event of an accident. It is true that these last two characteristics represent limitations in the field, but Mitsubishi have been aware of this and have equipped it with systems that keep it going in trialeras areas despite its short suspension travels (with one of the most traction controls). effective market). In addition, its chassis is robust and withstands efforts well despite being self-supporting. If, in addition to intensive use in the field, you are going to take road trips with it, it is one of the best alternatives. Hurry, because he is in the last phase of his commercial life and his successor may have more predilection for the city.

Toyota hilux

Few cars need less presentation than the legendary Hilux. There is no nature report or news in the most inhospitable place where one of these pickups does not appear. Its mechanics are like a rock and its all-wheel drive system and long-travel suspensions guarantee good behavior off the asphalt. On the negative side is its comfort on the road: again, it is a specialist who is uncomfortable outside his environment, although in the last generation the care of his passengers has been greatly improved.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser began as a copy of the Jeep and the Land Rover and has ended up surpassing them absolutely in everything. It is reliable and efficient off the asphalt as few cars are. Most fans of the off-road world choose this base for their most extreme modifications and manage to turn them into true mountain goats capable of making their way anywhere.

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