The 10 best new cars to release in 2021 for less than 20,000 euros

Toyota yaris

The Toyota utility vehicle has been recently renewed, which has had a positive impact on its image (now it shows a little more muscle) and on the balance between performance and efficiency, since with 116 hp it approves a consumption of just 3.8 l / 100 km. It is hybrid, which implies an ECO label, and with discounts the price starts below 20,000 euros.

Peugeot 208

Another model that has changed a lot in recent times: the Peugeot 208 has a very attractive design and a cabin that, despite the peculiarity that the brand presents in this regard, is very technological. The budget limit prevents going for the electric version, but it does allow you to choose between all its finishes and gasoline and diesel engines.

Seat Leon

The Seat León is a best seller, it has been so for years and the new generation that has just been released cannot but be a boost to the trend. Its image has been refined and is more technological, although on a budget you have to settle for the most basic finishes and engines. On a positive note, it is even possible to opt for the Sportstourer family variant.

Ford Puma

To get into a budget you have to take advantage of all the possible discounts, settle for the Titanium finish (the ST Line is more sporty) and the mechanics without light hybridization, but still it is a beautiful SUV with a really dynamic behavior. Okay.

Fiat 500

Although the new electric version is going to take all the lights, the Fiat 500 MHEV is an interesting alternative because its micro-hybrid mechanics gives it the ECO label of the DGT, its 70 CV are enough to move it with ease and being able to drive under sail in In certain situations, your fuel economy is even higher. A good option for those looking for a stylish and ecological urban.

Nissan juke

The most important limitation in the case of the Nissan is that it is only sold with a 117 hp gasoline engine, but if it is a block that suits your needs, it is one of the most stylish compact SUVs on the market, with its own identity. that has managed to maintain the differentiation that characterized the original generation.

Dacia Sandero Stepway

The new generation of Dacia Sandero has just been presented and, although it does not yet have official prices, it should not be far from the current ones. The Stepway is the most picturesque version of the ‘low-cost’ and is also available with a 100 hp engine that also runs on LPG. It is savings squared and, even loaded with extras, margin left up to the limit of 20,000 euros.

Citroën C4

Here we go slightly over budget, because with discounts the new Citroën C4 stays at 20,800 euros, but it is an acceptable margin. It’s on the list because the compact has reinvented itself, has embraced the design of a coupe-style crossover, and is image-perfect for those who want to break the norm. Of course, you have to settle for the 130 hp gasoline engine so that the price does not get out of hand.

Opel Crossland

Halfway between minivans and crossovers, the Opel Crossland is a role model as a family car. We put it without the final ‘X’ because it has lost it in its last update in which, yes, it has gained a more modern design language. There are no prices yet, but they will be announced just in time to be part of the 10 best new cars to debut in 2021 for less than 20,000 euros.

Kia Xceed

The new Kia Ceed has been a leap over its predecessor and the arrival of new versions have been done if not to confirm it. Among them, the Xceed stands out for maintaining the essence of the compact, but adding the always so fashionable features of the SUV. With the brand’s discounts it is possible to adjust to the budget and opt for mechanical gasoline or diesel up to 140 HP.

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