The best luxury cars of all 2019: Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley …

Audi a8

A luxury saloon characterized by having the latest technology from the German company and an interior with ample space and outstanding features. It offers a sober design that highlights both the presence of very marked straight ribs and its set of optics, with HD Matrix LED headlights with laser illumination in the front lights and OLED technology in the rear. Also striking is its hexagonal grille and prominent inserts on its bumpers and side skirts. Inside it has great habitability, with fully digital instrumentation, Audi Virtual Cockpit and a double screen set that stars in the center console, with a lower screen that replaces the classic physical buttons.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley’s first SUV is actually a luxury limousine with an off-road body. Its exterior design presents an important classic load, full of familiar details, although with a harmony that disguises the proportions of this huge SUV. Enjoy a front with the clear seal of the brand, with the grill presiding over its design, straight lines that mark the arrival to the rounded wheel arches and a simple rear with a large double exhaust outlet. Inside we are captivated by a driving position with the latest technology and features such as a mode selector, integrated into the start button itself. It also includes a digital control panel, with a color screen, as well as an 8-inch touch screen entertainment equipment.

BMW 7 Series

One of the best luxury cars of 2019 that is in turn the most luxurious and distinguished product of BMW. Its last major update took place in 2019 and has affected its exterior design and influenced the equipment and technology on board. These changes focus on a revised front bumper that adds a new large grille. To this is added a more muscular and vertical appearance, gaining height in the bumper and a new light signature thanks to its LED optics. Its cabin overflows with equal parts quality and luxury, something a must in this segment given that it is the brand’s main showcase. Its rear seats are the absolute protagonists, especially in the long wheelbase bodywork, a variant that allows you to enjoy what is possibly one of the best definitions of what it means to travel first class.

Ferrari 488

For the signature of the prancing horse, it means the end of naturally aspirated engines and the beginning of a time when all its V8 engines are going to be supercharged. A very versatile sports car that is suitable for enjoyment in all types of conditions, also in everyday life and by inexperienced drivers. Its front shows some channels that give a very peculiar shape to the hood, very similar to that of the LaFerrari and reminiscent of a Formula 1 car. On the side line you can also see the air ducts that will end in a rear. On board there are slight changes compared to the 458 in the instrumentation, the design of the steering wheel and the holes of the ventilation system.

Jaguar XF

Luxury saloon, and one of the reference models of the British brand. A very light vehicle since, thanks to its aluminum construction, it has managed to lose up to 190 kilos compared to its predecessor. Another of the sections in which the new Jaguar XF has improved the most is technology: It has innumerable driving aids and an entertainment system, InControl Touch Pro, which is enjoyed through its 10-inch touch screen and a system of vision that allows to see different images, in the same screen and without dividing it, to the driver and his companion. Its instrument panel is also digital, thanks to another 12-inch screen.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

One of the fastest and most effective production convertibles ever made. Outwardly there are no major changes for this model, showing off the more than aggressive aerodynamics known in the coupe version, cutting a piece of the roof and adding two bumps in the rear that culminate in the safety arches. Under the rear hood is a 12-cylinder vee engine with a displacement of 6,498 cc. With which it can develop a maximum power of 770 hp and 720 Nm of torque, the most powerful Lamborghini V12. Thanks to this mechanics it reaches 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds.

Land Rover Defender

The second generation of this off-road vehicle was officially unveiled in September 2019 and it is a car with clearly 4×4 design and capabilities. Its exterior design stands out for its great personality, based on the features of the Land Rover DC100 prototype presented in 2011. Its interior is a clear commitment to modernization, breaking with the aesthetics and simplicity of its ancestors.

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